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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Sprint Zero on Your Enterprise Cloud Journey

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If the cloud is supposed to eliminate infrastructure concerns and create an instant-on environment, why do DevOps teams commonly spend six to twelve months bootstrapping their first cloud environment? How can teams reduce the time and effort required to establish a cloud network topology, layer security controls, automate cluster provisioning, and lay a DevOps pipeline? Chris Haddad describes the typical enterprise cloud journey and how to accelerate value by adopting road-tested worksheets, patterns, and templates. After sharing how teams assess infrastructure prerequisites with a legacy mindset, Chris proposes a new model that creates a solid foundation for agile, dynamic solution delivery. He shows pre-built DevOps pipeline definitions and tooling that can shortcut trial-and-effort while guiding teams toward a new delivery mindset. Chris presents a rapid assessment of Netflix Spinnaker versus Red Hat Fabric8, TerraForm versus Ansible, and Kubernetes versus AWS Elastic Container Service. With a clear roadmap in place, you can establish a delivery plan that advances your agility, raises quality, and nurtures team member growth.

Chris Haddad
Karux, LLC

Chris Haddad leads and advises solution architecture teams building DevOps pipelines and implementing agile, feature-driven release strategies. His process has rebuilt collaborative team member interactions, reinvented delivery practices, and refreshed technology at Fortune 500, midsize, and startup organizations. With a developer-first perspective, Chris works with teams to remove experimentation blockers, streamline continuous delivery processes, improve reliability, and build an agile interaction model across developer and operations stakeholders. Prior to founding Karux Consulting, Chris built the first DevOps PaaS while at WSO2, led Gartner research teams, and built the first benefits management SaaS. Reach Chris at [email protected] and on Twitter @cobiacomm.