Better Software West 2017 Concurrent Session - Setting and Measuring Individual Performance in Agile Teams | TechWell

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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Setting and Measuring Individual Performance in Agile Teams

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When software development teams work in waterfall environments, traditional performance management programs can help encourage personal development and innovation. However, Tina Rusnak says that when organizations move to agile, measuring performance takes on a new form that often causes confusion. If you're an agile developer, the days of receiving a high performance rating for writing the most code are over. Why? Agile is all about creating value, not writing code. If you're an agile tester, the days of receiving a high rating for finding the most bugs are over. Why? Agile testing is all about preventing, not finding defects. So what's the agile manager to do? What are the correct goals for individuals, and how does this relate back to overall team performance? It’s crucial to understand how traditional roles within the team have changed. With a focus on quality, Tina highlights the differences between traditional and agile work. She provides a model to develop a quality strategy that will serve as an example to create, track, and measure goals for all agile team members.

Tina Rusnak
First Class Agile, LLC

A student of life, Tina Rusnak has a gift for seeing what others don’t see in themselves. Tina has been helping others learn how to reach their full potential through personal awareness for more than twenty-five years. Currently a practicing master coach, since 2007 she has trained and coached thousands of team members, leaders, and HR business partners on what agile really is—a mindset! Tina is an author, a speaker, and currently director of agility transformation at ADP and founder of First Class Agile.