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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

The Rise of the Purpose-Driven Multi-Cloud

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Cloud adoption rates are skyrocketing in the enterprise with some 65 percent of organizations already using more than one private and/or public cloud. Cloud, mobile, and social media are driving demand for new applications to meet ever changing business process capabilities. Brad Schick says that as a result, more enterprises are discovering that clouds built for a specific purpose generally have less over-provisioning and often out-perform generic multi-purpose one-size-fits-all solutions. How can we breathe new life into existing applications to support richer scenarios and meet user and market expectations? Brad explains why building a portfolio of purpose-driven clouds that work together is the first step in establishing a more intelligent multi-cloud approach. By using the right platform for the right workload, enterprises can cut costs, increase overall performance and efficiency, and consistently deliver features that support business needs.

Brad Schick

Brad Schick is a software industry veteran with proven team and corporate leadership skills—and a passion for hands-on problem solving and programming. As chief technology officer at Skytap, Brad leads their overall architecture, technical direction, and IP strategy. As vice president of engineering, he runs Skytap’s engineering, quality assurance, and operations teams. Previously Brad was founder at Wegos, Inc., a gaming start-up, and was vice president of engineering at Vizrea, acquired by Microsoft in 2007. He also worked at Microsoft Corporation, where he led development teams on Windows and Internet Explorer. Brad has been an instructor at the University of Washington.