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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Move Your Selenium Testing to the Cloud

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What is the most challenging aspect of running automation tests? Anshul Sharma believes it is covering multiple browsers and cross-device testing combined with faster execution of tests. The conventional way to do this is by distributing the tests on Selenium Grid, but that comes with a substantial burden of managing and maintaining the infrastructure. Now that cloud-computing resources are available and affordable, many organizations are leveraging cloud services. Anshul says that moving over to cloud from your own selenium grid places your focus more on automation rather than maintenance. First, there is no installing/upgrading the browser versions, Selenium version, or antivirus on the servers. Second, the cost is very low to add more servers to provide test support as new browsers/devices are launched into the market. Last but not the least, debugging, including identifying the tests that failed due to actual faults rather than to a browser problem, is easier. Join Anshul to learn about setting up and running your existing tests on a cloud platform—and get rid of the maintenance of your in-house grid.

Anshul Sharma
Emmi Solutions

With more than ten years of experience in software testing and development, Anshul Sharma is a recognized thought leader in her field and speaks frequently on automation and testing. During her career, she has worn multiple hats in technology as a developer, business analyst, and tester. Anshul has worked with top players in finance and healthcare, and is currently the lead QA automation engineer and Sauce guru at Emmi, whose goal is to educate patients about their health through interactive multimedia programs. Anshul is passionate about technology, using code to test code and blurring the lines between dev and QA.