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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Metrics to Assess Risk in DevOps

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As software development becomes more value-focused, the need for a fluid production process emerges. That process is DevOps. However, when the number of release cycles rises, so does the risk of disruptive code entering the system and eroding the value that development creates. Traditional risk assessment techniques create a false sense of security. Risk is not a simple “go or no-go” decision; it is an input to an informed decision that requires extensive risk analysis. As the velocity increases and the focus on user acceptance and functional validation increases, the number of significant defects—security violations, incomplete code blocks, and unmaintainable code—moving into production also rises. To assess risk in DevOps, Bill Dickenson shares details of five major areas of risk assessment: quality, defect density, complexity, performance, and security. These metrics have proven to be the best indicator for lower cost and lower risk operations. Learn how to use them to better assess risk and improve your software quality.

Bill Dickenson
CAST Software

Bill Dickenson is the director of solution delivery at CAST. Previously Bill worked as an independent consultant with Strategy On The Web and as VP of application management services for IBM, bringing decades of experience in application development, maintenance, and integrated operations. He has worked in IT in solution development, solution offerings, and leading global teams; and with C-level executives on business case development, services strategy, program and vendor management, business process reengineering, outsourcing engagements, and implementation approaches. Bill has professional experience with multiple industry verticals in operations, new business development, and executive leadership.