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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Guiding Cultural Adoption of Agile at Scale

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Many approaches to implementing agile focus primarily on the adoption of common practices at the team level. While this focus on practices is important, recognizing that agile is a set of overarching values and principles is also important. Adopting agile “at scale” in organizations often means a culture change needs to take place. To facilitate change, we must understand culture, its levels, and how we can influence it. Agile transformations often stall because those leading the transformation fail to view it through the lens of a cultural change. Ebenezer Ikonne shares agile culture change management techniques for agile change leaders, change agents, and anyone interested in leading or participating in agile adoption in an organization. Learn how to see agile as a culture through the lens of the Schein Model of Organizational Culture. Discover tools for identifying artifacts, values, and tacit assumptions in your organization’s current subcultures, and explore how you can develop plans to adapt your subcultures to align with agile principles.

Ebenezer Ikonne
Cox Automotive

Ebenezer Ikonne works for Cox Automotive (a business unit of Cox Enterprises) where he helps teams develop and deliver software solutions that are transforming the automotive industry. Ebenezer has held a wide range of senior leadership positions in software product organizations, services organizations, and startups. A champion of agile and lean solutions to problems posed by an ever changing business landscape, Ebenezer is passionate about evolving the way work gets done in order to deliver products and services that make a difference in society. He blogs, is on Twitter @eikonne, and can be contacted on LinkedIn.