Better Software West 2017 Concurrent Session - The Agile Dojo: Shiny Toy or Best Idea Ever? | TechWell

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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am

The Agile Dojo: Shiny Toy or Best Idea Ever?

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Remember your first two weeks on a scrum team? It was fantastic and miserable all at the same time. And when things got difficult, your team teetered on the edge of the waterfall. What if there were a way to help teams gel more quickly and accelerate their agile learning by immersing them in it? What if there were a place where they could practice what they’ve learned in training, without interruption? This is the agile dojo, a real experiment happening in a large, complex organization. Francie Van Wirkus shares her insights and learnings of creating and sustaining an agile dojo. From visiting a real martial arts dojo, to protecting teams from distractions, to battling the facilities folks about (gasp!) paint colors, creating the agile dojo has not been easy. Discover if this epic team building experiment is a great idea worth trying in your agile organization—or a shiny and distractive toy to avoid.

Francie Van Wirkus
Francie Van Wirkus

A conqueror of mediocrity, Francie Van Wirkus is a certified professional coach in the insurance and financial services industry, with an agile, lean, and sales focus. Her innovative ways of leading and sustaining change are helping lead a large IT transformation effort in a complex organization, where she is a SAFe 4.0 program consultant. She co-hosts the Agile Bettys podcast and is author of The Dominant Gene, the business novel series on leadership. Francie enjoys Ironman competitions, and lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three delightful children.