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Robert Woods

Robert Woods
MATRIX Resources

An agile coach and delivery manager at MATRIX Resources, Robert Woods has spent years working with organizations on collaborative lean development, agile testing techniques, requirements analysis, project envisioning, relationship management, and agile leadership. Robert has helped organizations in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, insurance, and retail services industries. The creator of CLEAR (Collaborative, Lean, Evolving, Adaptable, Reportable) Portfolio Management concept, he has developed an entire agile adoption curriculum which includes training in practical agile, product ownership, agile team leadership and facilitation, executive agile, project envisioning and kickoff, and financial agility. Robert writes and speaks on agile processes and concepts.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 11:30am
Projects & Teams
The Art of People: Facilitation, Leadership, and Team Dynamics

Some of the greatest products come from great teams with exceptional leaders who know how to servant-lead, create influence (rather than exacting authority), and precisely when to get out of the way. Teams are asked to be self-empowered, change on the fly, and think for themselves. And then they’re inevitably told exactly how they have to do all of those things—or else. Poor leadership can make or break not only a great team but a great product and a great organization. As part of this highly interactive session, Robert Woods highlights leadership and facilitation skills such as focused observation, communication styles, conflict avoidance (as opposed to conflict resolution), influence over authority, and active listening. Robert explains that the impact we make on individuals is often much more about what we don't do rather than what we do. It’s called The Art of People―and it’s one we can all master.