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Joe Schulz

Joe Schulz
Orasi Software

As AVP of emerging technology at Orasi Software, Joe Schulz helps global organizations improve their development and QA processes around mobile device and application testing. A seasoned developer with more than twenty-five years of professional application development and quality assurance experience, Joe’s background spans a wide range of vertical industries and development technologies. He has an extensive background in non-traditional development that includes more than forty procedural, 4GL, CASE, OOAD/OOP, and agile products. Joe has received numerous professional certifications in information system methods, tools, and techniques as well as several accreditations for public speaking and agile facilitation.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 10:00am
Cloud Computing
Cloud-Based, Automated Mobile App Testing for the Enterprise

Mobile applications are now a required component of enterprise operations, with both consumers and workers relying on mobile technologies for communications and productivity. To ensure a functional, secure, and worthwhile mobile experience, enterprises must stay abreast of growing complexity in mobile devices, applications, and platforms while remaining responsive to unforgiving user expectations for speed and service. To meet this challenge, many firms are turning to cloud-based automated testing, which reduces the complexity and cost of manual, on-premise testing and offers extraordinary flexibility to accommodate a variety of scenarios. Joe Schulz outlines the reasons why cloud-based application testing is beneficial, discusses the role it plays in supporting testing automation, and explores the best practices for adopting this solution. Get a practical grounding in cloud-based automated mobile testing. Learn how this approach helps companies speed time to market, optimize security and performance, increase user satisfaction, and contain costs.