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Bob Payne

Bob Payne

Bob Payne is the VP of enterprise consulting at LitheSpeed. An early adopter of Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and SAFe, he has worked exclusively as a lean+agile transformation leader since 1999. Bob brings a pragmatic approach to the use of “best fit” approaches from across the spectrum of practices and processes. He believes that the most important piece of any transformation is to grow the skills in the teams to build and create a culture of continuous improvement. Bob is founder and chair of the AgileDC conference, speaks at industry conferences worldwide, hosts the AgileToolkit podcast and has produced more than 170 podcasts.

Speaker Presentations
Sunday, June 7, 2015 - 8:30am
Leading SAFe–SAFe Agilist Certification Training (2 days)

In this two-day course, you will gain the knowledge necessary to lead an enterprise agile transformation by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework, and its underlying principles of lean thinking, and product development flow. You will leave with an understanding of how the principles and practices of the framework support Lean Thinking, Agile Development, SAFe ScrumXP, Agile Release Train, Agile Portfolio Management, Agile Architecture, and Scaling Leadership.

By the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

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