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Agile for the Enterprise


MA An Introduction to SAFe: The Scaled Agile Framework
Al Shalloway, Net Objectives
Mon, 06/08/2015 - 8:30am

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is quickly being adopted by many large organizations that have had some success with agile at the team level but have not been able to scale up to large projects. Al Shalloway describes what SAFe is, discusses when and how to implement it, and provides a few extensions to SAFe. Al begins with a high-level, executive’s guide to SAFe that you can share with your organization’s leaders. He then covers the aspects of implementing SAFe: identifying the sequence of features to work, establishing release trains, the SAFe release planning event, SAFe’s variant of Scrum, and when to use the SAFe process. Al concludes with extensions to SAFe including creating effective teams—even when it doesn’t look possible—and implementing shared services and DevOps in SAFe using kanban. Get an introduction to SAFe, discover whether it would be useful to your organization, and identify the steps you should take to be SAFe.

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Concurrent Sessions

BW5 Integrating Agile and Traditional Projects in the Enterprise
Steve Caseley, Sensei Project Solutions
Wed, 06/10/2015 - 1:30pm

Is your organization using agile on some projects and classic waterfall on others? Are you concerned with integrating your agile projects into your current PMO, tool, and reporting structure? Are you afraid you might require two totally separate approaches? Steve Caseley believes you can support agile without having to introduce a new suite of tools. Project vision, release and sprint planning, product backlog management, and automated production of Scrum artifacts are all possible with your existing project management tools. Steve demonstrates how Microsoft Project and Project Online can provide full support for Scrum/agile projects. Having a framework based on existing tools is key, as it fully integrates your agile projects into established PMOs, ensuring consistency across your organization’s project portfolio independent of the delivery approach selected. Learn how to provide full support and manage all projects—both traditional and agile—in your portfolio in the same tool set.

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