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Michael Albrecht

AddQ Consulting

By successfully implementing Scrum and exploratory testing in customer projects in diverse areas of online gaming and stock exchange programs, and as a co-creator of xBTM, Michael Albrecht has a good track-record of inspiring testers to take their testing to new levels and to find unexpected bugs in unexpected ways. Michael is one of the enthusiasts behind Swedish Exploratory Testers and Stockholm Exploratory Testing, peer conferences for exploratory testing geeks in Sweden. By working with KYH, a Swedish college with a program for the next generation testers, Michael is spreading his knowledge about new and efficient test methods. Follow Michael @MickeAlbrecht or visit

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 10:15am
From Good to Great: Combining Session- and Thread-Based Test Management

With the increased demand of short iterations, less time for formal testing, and increasingly complex applications, your daily testing habits must change. Session-based test management (SBTM) starts with Exploratory Testing and adds some structure to make it more focused, accountable, and reportable. Thread-based test management (TBTM) organizes Exploratory Testing around threads of activity, rather than test sessions or test artifacts. Michael Albrecht has combined SBTM and TBTM into xBTM™ to take full advantage of both. In xBTM you use mind maps for test planning, models as test design, and your daily activities as management reports. Michael shares his experience on how to plan, design, execute, and report your testing using xBTM. Learn how to create a simple test design model and use the free tool SBTExecute to generate mind maps, the heart of xBTM.