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Josh Anderson

StepLeader, Inc.

Josh Anderson loves software. A beat-up TRS-80 changed his life, and Josh now spends almost every moment that he is away from his family figuring out how to better the craft of software. Solving hard problems and sharing those solutions with the community fuel his passion. Josh spent the last fifteen years in the trenches learning how to build and lead effective and efficient software engineering teams. In an effort to pass his learnings on to others, he now co-hosts a podcast with fellow agile evangelist Bob Galen. Reach Josh at @nosrednAhsoJ (personal Twitter) and at @metahyphencast (podcast Twitter).

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 12:45pm
Going Mobile
Automate Your Mobile Development Ecosystem

Mobile is hard. Mobile at scale is even harder. And automation is your only option for success as you scale. However, many organizations haven’t yet started automating their mobile development efforts. Understanding how to automate your mobile ecosystem puts you ahead of your competition. How do you actually automate the building, testing, and deploying of hundreds of mobile apps across multiple operating systems and multiple app stores? Josh Anderson explains that when compared to the tools supporting the development and deployment of web applications, mobile is in its infancy. This means that you must get comfortable with alpha versions of open source projects, constantly changing APIs, and some good old-fashioned engineering duct tape. Josh takes you through the challenges his company encountered along the path to effective automation and shares the challenges that remain. Take back home with you the lessons Josh and his team learned and effectively pave your path to mobile automation.