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Jon Mills


With more than eighteen years of experience in software development and management, Jon Mills has built and led agile teams in environments from small start-ups to large-scale financial institutions. As a skilled mentor and international speaker, Jon has the opportunity to promote positive management practices and personal development skills to developers and managers in many different situations. As a director at PaigeTechnologies, Jon is able to ask technical questions of clients to drive beyond the initial job description and find staff that will be the right fit for the environment.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 2:15pm
Big Data
Demystifying Big Data and NoSQL

Big Data is here to stay and with it comes a deluge of new buzzwords and acronyms. Phrases like NoSQL; Document Database; Velocity, Volume, and Variety; Hadoop; and Map Reduce are now commonplace. To complicate matters further, different people define these phrases slightly differently. Jon Mills explains what Big Data really means and pulls back the curtain on the buzzwords surrounding it. Jon explains the origins of NoSQL, what the various NoSQL databases are, and when each is used. He walks you through the concept of MapReduce and how this tool allows manipulation and aggregation of massive amounts of data in your enterprise. Jon helps you understand what these various new technologies are all about and how they can impact you and your business. Take back the information you need to make informed decisions about who should use these tools in your enterprise—and when and where.