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Jeanne Peng

Cisco Video Technologies France

Jeanne Peng is a passionate system integration and software engineer at Cisco Video Technologies France (Cisco VTF). With her background in both development and testing, Jeanne demonstrates a remarkable performance in the integration and the validation of set-up box E2E systems. She is constantly seeking innovative methods to improve the way people work. With her passion for testing, learning, and creativity, and her interests in critical thinking, analyzing, exploratory testing, mind mapping, and communication, she is a key part of her team. Jeanne is co-trainer of Cisco VTF’s internal Exploratory Testing training.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 12:45pm
Spice Up Your Test Plans with Mind Maps

As our systems grow and are composed of numerous new-to-market technologies, testing becomes more complex and difficult. If you feel limited by the traditional ways your team designs tests, you can find out with Jeanne Peng how to animate test design and improve test coverage by using heuristics, mnemonics, and mind maps. Jeanne and her colleagues use these techniques to help them trigger and develop new test ideas, including their in-house Integration Maturity Level and the widely used SFDPOT mnemonic. Testing ideas are developed around the central functionality and derived from each heuristic with the aid of a mind map. Jeanne demonstrates how to improve your test analysis and test design, including mind mapping your test ideas in two dimensions to convert each idea into a test case. Discover tactics you can use to make every testing effort an enjoyable and challenging adventure.