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Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 2:15pm - 3:30pm
Personal Excellence

Collaboration and Communication through Improvisation

To accomplish anything, you need the help of others. Successful teams are composed of members who are continually improving how they interact and communicate. Collaboration, creativity, and results grow out of an environment that is honest, positive, and affirming. Improvisation is about creating a positive environment where actors take an idea and then collaborate to co-create another great idea. In today’s world, a superstar does not sit in his office and emerge with a great idea. Great ideas evolve through group interaction. Experienced improvisational actor Kupe Kupersmith shares key improvisation techniques, including “Yes, and…” and “Answer Man” that help you become a more attentive, adaptive, and open-minded team member. The lessons learned help you stay in the present, temporarily suspend judgment, think on your feet, keep conversations moving forward, and listen generously―skills that build positive, trust-based, results-oriented teams. Adopt the improv mindset, and be more confident in collaboration, decision making, and negotiation.

Kupe Kupersmith, B2T Training

B2T Training president Kupe Kupersmith has more than fifteen years of business analysis experience in various industries. If that’s not enough, Kupe is also an experienced improvisational comedian. With this combined background, he has been helping teams achieve high performance by applying improvisation skills to improve communication and collaboration. Kupe uses these skills to define and implement strategic initiatives.

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