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Robin Goldsmith

Robin Goldsmith
Go Pro Management, Inc.

Robin Goldsmith, JD, is author of Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success, numerous articles and featured presentations, and the Proactive Testing, Proactive SQA, REAL ROI, and Beyond the Textbook Software Acquisition methodologies. A subject expert on requirements and testing for TechTarget’s and a subject expert and reviewer for the IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK v2), Robin works directly with and trains business and systems professionals in requirements analysis, quality and testing, software acquisition, project management and leadership, metrics, ROI, and process improvement. Reach Robin at or [email protected].

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 1:30pm
Business Analysis & Requirements
Requirements Are Simply Requirements—or Maybe Not

When talking about requirements, people use identical terms and think they have a common understanding. Yet, one says user stories are requirements; another claims user stories must be combined with requirements; and yet another has a different approach. These “experts” seem unaware of the critical inconsistencies of their positions. No wonder getting requirements right remains a major challenge on many projects. Robin Goldsmith analyzes several often conflicting and not-so-shared-as-presumed interpretations of what requirements are, reveals likely implications, and challenges not-so-wise conventional wisdom. Robin describes a more appropriate model of REAL business requirements whats that provide value when combined with product/system/software hows. He introduces the powerful Problem Pyramid™ systematic disciplined guide to help you more reliably get requirements right. With this structure you can more easily see where user stories do—or do not—fit, identify pitfalls of the “as a <role>” format, and reconcile some of the conflicts between user stories, features, use cases, and requirements.