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Kevin Dunne

Kevin Dunne
QA Symphony

As director of product strategy at QASymphony, Kevin Dunne works closely with customers and thought leaders to help produce the next generation of exploratory testing tools. Kevin is passionate about agile and specifically about exploratory testing and its ability to help foster cross-functional communication and collaboration between all areas of the engineering organization. In a previous role, he was responsible for customer success for QASymphony where he was able to participate in and observe several successful exploratory testing implementations. Prior to joining QASymphony, Kevin managed testing teams at Deloitte, working on projects for large Fortune 500 and government customers.

Job Title: 
Director of Product Strategy
Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 4:15pm
Exploratory Testing: Make It Part of Your Test Strategy

Developers often have the unfortunate distinction of not thoroughly testing their code. It’s not that developers do not understand how to test well; it’s just that often they have not had an opportunity to understand how the product works. Kevin Dunne maintains that implementing a team-wide exploratory testing initiative can help build the collaboration and knowledge sharing needed to elevate all team members to the level of product master. Exploratory testing can be performed by anyone, but the real challenge is making sure that the process is properly managed, documented, and optimized. Kevin describes the tools necessary to drive a deeper understanding of software quality and to implement an effective and impactful exploratory testing practice. Creating better software is not just about writing code more accurately and efficiently; it is about delivering value to the end user. Well-executed exploratory testing helps unlock this capability across the entire development team.