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Agile Test Automation

Concurrent Sessions

BT12 Agile Automation Strategies and Frameworks
Max Saperstone, Coveros
Thu, 11/12/2015 - 3:00pm

Agile practices have done a magnificent job of speeding up the software development process. Unfortunately, simply applying these agile practices to testing isn't enough to keep testers at the same pace. Test automation is necessary to support agile delivery. Max Saperstone presents an overview of testing frameworks, benefits of applying these frameworks in the agile world, implementation strategies, and proven practices. Max discusses multiple framework types—data driven, keyword driven, and action driven—and focuses on their pros and cons to help testers determine which approach can be most beneficial in specific situations. Max covers gaps existing in framework coverage, and discusses how customizing and combining these frameworks help raise quality while reducing test maintenance. Although tool agnostic, Max provides examples from current tooling options. Delegates who are either new to testing automation or looking to optimize their current automation strategy will benefit from the topics Max covers.

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