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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 2:45pm - 3:45pm
User Experience

Observation: The Key to a Great User Experience Prior Year Content

Observation is an important research technique when we are designing solutions to delight users. Some kinds of information that may make the difference between an acceptable solution and a delightful one can only be obtained by observing users in their native environment. Observing users is much more than simply sitting and watching them work. We observe with a purpose in mind and use all our senses—not just sight—when doing an observation. Geri Winters describes several different observation techniques including observing the environment, silent observation of someone performing a task, cognitive walkthrough with a user, and observing while doing. After explaining when and why you might use each technique, she leads you through a series of exercises designed to practice the techniques. Geri uses stories from real projects to illustrate the importance of observation in the user’s native environment and provides references to resources for further study.

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Geri Winters
Geri Winters, Wyyzzk, Inc.

Geri Winters, author of Why Agile is Failing at Large Companies, has a special gift for making sense of large and complex initiatives. Past successes include working for the United Nations in Africa to bring a failing multinational scientific software project to successful conclusion, creating the business architecture and redesigning the management approach to a HIPAA 5010 update program at a major US insurance company, designing a more lean approach for the IT department of a Fortune 200 multinational beverage company, and leading a multi-year corporate-wide agile initiative for a Fortune 50 insurance company. Reach Geri at

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