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Roy Solomon


In 2007  Roy Solomon cofounded Applause (as uTest), based on his extensive experience managing quality assurance and testing for global companies. Roy recognized that, no matter how much testing was done, bugs were still being found and saw the need for an on-demand, real-world testing solution. Soon, in-the-wild testing and the roots of the Applause vision of 360 degree app quality were born. Today, Roy leads the company’s product strategy efforts. Prior to Applause, he led QA and product teams at several consumer application software companies, including IncrediMail and Blue Security.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 11:30am
Going Mobile
Incorporating 360 Degree App Quality in Mobile Development

The exploding apps economy has increased the businesses’ need to have a strong mobile app presence. This has spurred a dramatic upward shift in mobile app development. Traditionally, testing has been done in the lab, replicating user environments and usage scenarios. However, that approach can be insufficient. Complementing in-the-lab manual and automated testing with testing in real user environments is a critical new component of mobile app development. Today, leveraging the right holistic mix of software testing tools, in-house testing and automation, mobile SDKs, analytics tied to ongoing user sentiment, and outside-the-lab testers can be the difference between mobile app success and failure. Roy Solomon provides information, analysis, and real world examples showing the benefits of a 360 degree, user-focused approach to app quality. Learn the science behind this approach, and what you can do to overcome the ever-present challenges of speed, cost, and risk to launch apps that users love.