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Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Design & Code

Service Virtualization: Speed Up Delivery and Improve Quality

“We could not test this because…” Every technology professional has experienced issues during system testing when unit testing was overlooked or cut short. Every project team has hit roadblocks during system testing when dependent systems or complicated data have been unavailable. Service virtualization is a tool that eliminates the waiting and the excuses, making thorough and complete unit and system testing realistic. Done well, service virtualization improves defect detection and resolution in every phase of a project—driving down cost while improving quality. Done poorly, service virtualization is expensive, time consuming, and difficult to maintain. Anne Hungate shares her formula for picking the right project, building the business case, and staffing to get the work done. Anne shows how to capture the value of service virtualization―compressing project schedules, delivering high-quality software, and delighting customers along the way. Learn how to ask for and get the most from your service virtualization efforts.

Anne Hungate, DIRECTV

With over twenty years’ experience delivering technology solutions; Anne Hungate’s passion is engineering systems with the user experience in mind.  Anne is a Senior Director of Software Quality at DIRECTV where she drives capability improvement so that customers get better products and features faster.  Helping her teams embrace the new methods is the challenge and the fun.   Anne earned her MBA at Case Western Reserve University and holds CSQA and PMP designations.

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Robb Kelman, DIRECTV

Robb Kelman is a Senior Manager of Tools & Architecture for DIRECTV’s Software Quality Team, where he has developed the Integrated QA Labs and implemented many tools and processes to support them.  With over fifteen years’ experience delivering Enterprise Software he has developed a passion for continuous improvement and innovation to eliminate waste and drive quality.   Robb has an MBA in IT Management from UC Irvine and has a Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt designation. 

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