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Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Quality Assurance

Develop a Defect Prevention Strategy—or Else!

Defects occurring throughout the development of a software project penalize the project. The effort spent remediating these defects robs the project team of valuable time, resources, and money that could otherwise be used for further innovation and delivering the highest possible quality product to wow the customer. The occurrence of a large percentage of these defects can be avoided with preventive defect removal strategies. Scott Aziz describes various methods for removing defects during the early design and development phases―long before testing. Methods include requirements-based testing that eliminates 95 percent of requirements defects prior to the coding phase, code reviews and inspections, and establishing model-based test design practices that allow for testing business requirements before any code is developed. Take back and adopt in your environment some of the most effective early defect prevention practices known and practiced in the industry today.

Scott Aziz, Cognizant

Scott Aziz has spent twenty-six years in software quality assurance and testing roles as a test architect, manager, and testing division leader for leading companies, including Lotus Development, Sun Microsystems, Intuit, and Fidelity Investments. Scott has developed and executed strategies for advanced testing projects such as cloud, SOA, and application vulnerability testing. Currently, he is the senior director of a global testing services provider for Fortune 500 companies.

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