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Monday, November 10, 2014 - 8:30am - 4:30pm
Full-day Tutorials

A Swift Kickstart: Introducing the Swift Programming Language NEW

If you are an experienced developer who hasn't had a chance to look at the new Swift Programming Language, this workshop is for you! Begin the day with a look at functions in Swift—standalone functions that are not part of a class or other Swift type. Examples will range from helloWorld() to functions that generate other functions and functions that take other functions as parameters. You will be introduced to functions with no parameters, one or more parameters, parameters with default values, and variadic parameters. Learn how to give or hide external names for your parameters and how to create functions that return zero, one, or more values. Along the way, we will need to save state somewhere. In Swift, we carefully distinguish between the case in which our values are only set once and the case in which our values are variable. We will build our examples on four new fundamental Swift entities: String, Int, Dictionary, and Array, which are implemented as structs. We will create mutable and immutable arrays and learn different ways of iterating through them and changing values along the way. Round out the day with Swift types—including classes, objects, protocols, structs, modules, and enumerations. We will look at how to initialize elements from a class, struct, or enumeration and how to add properties and methods to these types. We will discuss the differences between classes and structs and between structs and enumerations. We will introduce power and flexibility through optionals, generics, and closures, use the Swift REPL and Playgrounds to explore some of these aspects of the language, and create projects to explore the rest.

Laptop Required. Delegates should have strong programming skills and should have the most recent version of Xcode 6 installed on your Mac.

Daniel Steinberg, Dim Sum Thinking, Inc.

Daniel Steinberg has spent the last three decades working as a professional Swift developer. OK, he hasn't. But he's really enjoying the Swift Programming Language. Daniel has been writing apps for the iPhone and the iPad since the SDKs first appeared in beta and for OS X for many years before. Daniel is the author of the best selling books A Swift Kickstart and Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPad and iPhone, the official companion book to the popular iTunes U series from Stanford University.

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