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Monday, November 10, 2014 - 8:30am - 4:30pm
Full-day Tutorials

Software Requirements Fundamentals for BAs, Testers, and Developers NEW

You deal with software requirements all the time. Whether you are a developer in an agile environment, an analyst who identifies and documents requirements for plan-driven development, a software designer who studies requirements as the basis for agile development, a tester who employs or often must discover requirements as the foundation of test cases, or a technical user who describes your needs to development, you need the right approaches and skills to develop and interpret software requirements. Join Lee Copeland to learn how to identify all the important stakeholders of a system and better ways to elicit and capture requirements in different settings: one-on-one interviews, meetings, brainstorming and Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions, buddy checks, inspections, ambiguity reviews, and retrospectives. Discover ways to ferret out the big risks, unknowns, and unresolved conflicts that often doom projects from the start.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering

With more than thirty years of experience as an information systems professional at commercial and nonprofit organizations, Lee Copeland has held technical and managerial positions in applications development, software testing, and software process improvement. At Software Quality Engineering, Lee has developed and taught numerous training courses on software development and testing issues, and is a sought-after speaker at software conferences in the United States and abroad.

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