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David Hussman


Working with companies of all sizes worldwide, David Hussman teaches and coaches the adoption of agile methods as powerful delivery tools. Sometimes he pairs with developers and testers; other times he helps plan and create product roadmaps. David often works with leadership groups to pragmatically use agile methods to foster innovation and a competitive business advantage. Prior to working as a full-time coach, he spent years building software in the audio, biometrics, medical, financial, retail, and education sectors. David now leads DevJam, a company composed of agile collaborators. As mentors and practitioners, DevJam ( focuses on agility as a tool to help people and companies improve their software production skills.

Speaker Presentations
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 8:30am
Half-day Tutorials
Coaching and Leading Agility: A Discussion of Agile Tuning

Are you an agile practitioner wanting to take your agility to the next level? Are you looking to gain real value from agile instead of simply more talk? Even though many are using agile methods, not all are seeing big returns from their investment. David Hussman shares his experiences and describes a short assessment that identifies both strengths and weaknesses in your use of agile methods. Creating an assessment helps you examine the processes you are using, why you are using them, and if they are providing real value.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 1:00pm
Half-day Tutorials
Planning to Learn and Learning from Delivery: Scrum, Kanban, and Beyond

Planning is a tool and, like all tools, can be used for good or ill. Too much planning can be wasteful; too little planning can breed chaos. Successful teams gravitate toward “just enough planning.” Building on his years of coaching XP, Scrum, kanban, and lean, David Hussman pragmatically describes planning that promotes early and continuous learning. He details how to collaboratively create plans that allow teams to continuously measure, learn, and pivot.