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Brian Button


Brian Button is VP of engineering and director of agile methods at Asynchrony, a St. Louis-based industry-leading agile transformation and development organization. Brian has twenty-seven years of experience, the past thirteen spent in most every role possible on an agile team. He leads the agile practice at Asynchrony, providing training, coaching, and development services using the agile methods to companies worldwide. A leader in the agile community, Brian has spoken at conferences and user groups, written blog posts and magazine articles, and served as a key organizer of the annual Agile Alliance conferences.

Speaker Presentations
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 1:00pm
Half-day Tutorials
Getting Started with Agile: An Experiential Workshop

Agile is now mainstream, but many companies continue to struggle. When agile is adopted, common issues occur in every organization: getting people to try agile, selling agile to management, learning how to do efficient standup meetings, fitting planning into a short window, and running effective retrospectives. When you add in scaling issues, different development styles, and outsourcing, your simple agile adoption just gets more difficult.