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Better Software East 2011
 Software Tester Certification—Foundation Level Training
 Sunday, November 6—Tuesday, November 8, 2011 • 8:30 a.m.—5:00 p.m.

In the Software Tester Certification—Foundation Level Training you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of software testing—Key concepts and context, risk analysis, goals, process, and people issues
  • Lifecycle testing—Relationship of testing to development, including different models, verification and validation, and types of tests
  • Static testing—Reviews, inspections, and static tools
  • Test design techniques—Black-box test methods, white-box techniques, error guessing, and exploratory testing
  • Test management—Team organization, key roles and responsibilities, test strategy and planning, configuration management, defect classification and management
  • Testing tools—Tool selection, benefits, risks, and classifications

About the Instructor: 

President and senior consultant of Intellectica Inc., Conrad Fujimoto is an information technology professional with thirty-five years of experience in the education, government, financial, and utility sectors. An accomplished educator and author of several courses, Conrad delivers courses in software testing, relational database technology, data modeling, application programming, business analysis, and facilitation techniques. He lives in Mississauga, just outside the greater Toronto area.
 Are you looking for internationally recognized certification in software testing?
International Software Testing Qualifications Board Delivered by top experts in the testing industry, Software Tester Certification—Foundation Level is an accredited training course, designed to help prepare you for the ISTQB™ Certified Tester—Foundation Level exam. This certification program, accredited by the ISTQB™ through its network of National Boards, is the only internationally accepted certification for software testing. The ISTQB™, a non-proprietary and nonprofit organization, has granted more than 165,000 certifications in more than sixty countries around the world. This course is most appropriate for individuals who recently entered the testing field and those currently seeking ISTQB™ certification in software testing.
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3-Day Course Outline
Fundamentals of software testing
Software context—Why does software fail?
Principles, scope, and focus of testing
Debugging vs. testing
Understanding risk
Identifying and analyzing project and product risks
Goals of testing
Basic testing process
Test psychology—viewpoints on testing

Testing throughout Software Development
Testing and development
Early testing
Models and testing
The “V” model
Verification and validation
Test levels—unit, integration, system, acceptance
Understanding regression testing
Understanding test types

Static Techniques
What is static testing?
Reviews, inspections, walkthroughs, etc.
General review process
Common types of reviews
Roles and responsibilities in reviews
Success factors for reviews
Limits of reviews
Understanding static analysis tools

Test Design Techniques
Overview of test design and the design approach
Documentation decisions
Types of test design techniques
Human/experience-based methods
Black-box (functional) techniques
White-box (structural) techniques
Experience-based techniques
Selecting the appropriate test technique

Test Management
Team organization
Roles and responsibilities
Understanding the test manager
Understanding the tester
Test planning and strategy
Configuration management and testing
Defect/incident classification and management

Tool Support for Testing
Selection process
Risks and concerns

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