Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: Paul Klinker

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Paul Klinker

Executive Director

Paul Klinker is currently the Executive Director at ManTech and a software architect focusing on cloud native development, DevSecOps, design and development, and application integration. Paul works in the Innovation and Capability Office focusing on R&D to bring innovations to our customers. Prior to ManTech he has worked for Northrop Grumman, Harris, Sprint, and MITRE. Paul has 30 years of technical experience in software development in both government and commercial arenas, working on large-scale enterprise systems. He is co-author of the book “IIOP Complete: Understanding CORBA and Middleware Interoperability,” as well as numerous technical articles. He holds a Master of Science in Information Technology from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Information Sciences from the University of Florida.