Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: John Halberstadt

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John Halberstadt

Director, Senior Agile Coach/Trainer

John Halberstadt is Lithespeed’s Director of Agile Consulting, as well as an Enterprise Agile Consultant, Coach and Instructor, leveraging more than two decades of executive leadership experience as a CIO, CTO and Vice President of Technology, transforming enterprises’ ability to deliver value through agile and lean approaches. Halberstadt has led successful agile transformation efforts extensively in the Finance and Insurance domains since the mid-2000s. He additionally has helped guide organizations in additional industries as diverse as Healthcare, Retail, Utilities and Artificial Intelligence on their path to greater agility and value realization from their technology investments. He has been a leader of Agile development teams since 2006, and has led software development program teams since 1997. He holds multiple Agile and Lean certifications, and is the founder/co-founder and leader of multiple Agile and Lean practitioners groups throughout the West Coast.