Agile + DevOps West 2022 Tutorial: Continuous Product Road Mapping & Collaborative Prioritization


Monday, June 13, 2022 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Continuous Product Road Mapping & Collaborative Prioritization


For a lot of people, product roadmaps are something between a stack of lies and an act of futility. That’s because they are typically just a wishlist of features; often with deadlines that are wild guesses or imposed from On High. What’s worse is that the items in a product roadmap often lack true prioritization, change priority frequently, or are merely prioritized at the whims of a HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion). However, product roadmaps do not need to be riddled with such frustration! Good product roadmaps are useful tools that establish a continuous process that balances discovery and delivery. They provide better decision-making and help mitigate risks. A good roadmap blends architectural improvements with feature delivery. It will even help align a company’s go-to-market plans, getting the whole business involved together. Attendees will be introduced to Thematic Flow-based Product Road Mapping - a technique built on Lean principles that help align activities to deliver customer value. In small groups, participants will learn how to use this tool to establish flow for the entire product development lifecycle, learn how to implement product-driven architecture, and coordinate a launch process. Additionally, multiple prioritization techniques will be introduced and practiced. These will then be overlaid with the Product Roadmap. 

Industrial Logic

Charlotte Chang is a Technology Product Strategist with nearly 20 years of experience. She enjoys working with executives, managers, and teams to create Systems of Compassion that provide a sustainable, humane, inclusive experience for all contributors throughout product development. Recently, her experience has focused on launching new products, marketing and brand management, and designing change within organizations. Previously, she has worked with companies across multiple countries, industries, and company sizes, performing every role on a delivery team: iteration manager, product designer, user experience, business analyst, developer, and tester. Ok…time for two truths and a lie: Charlotte’s work was featured in the New York Times, Charlotte has two cats, or Charlotte enjoys a quality high five. Come to a session to discover the truth!