Agile + DevOps West 2022 Leadership Summit Session: Summit Keynote: The Secret Recipe of Scaling


Friday, June 17, 2022 - 8:45am to 10:00am

Summit Keynote: The Secret Recipe of Scaling

With the rapid proliferation of agile scaling frameworks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and simply grab a popular one off the shelf. However, there are certain practices that can be helpful in some circumstances and active hindrances in others, and many come with trade-offs that require close consideration. Agility means adapting your approach to your circumstances, but before you construct a method of your own it’s important to understand the variations between available frameworks and their suitability to your situation.

Join Arlen Bankston as he explains how to wisely pick and choose the scaling elements that can be mixed to make the perfect scaling approach for your unique environment. Learn how SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise), [email protected], LeSS (Large Scale Scrum), the “Spotify Model” and FAST (Fluid Agile Scaling Technology) differ from one another but also have key ingredients you need to be successful. Understand how to identify antipatterns, assess scaling needs, and choose practices and ideas that make sense for you. Learn how others have created their own scaling approaches by listening to several scaling case studies.

Join us and learn how to bake your own scaling method that suits the tastes and dietary needs of your organization!

Arlen Bankston
Adaptagility LLC

Arlen Bankston was at the vanguard of the agile movement, beginning to practice within two years of the Agile Manifesto’s writing. He was among the first to explicitly blend lean systems thinking and user experience practices with agile software development practices. Arlen was one of the earliest Certified Scrum Trainers, exploring Lean, Six Sigma, BPM, and other process management and systems thinking approaches to ensure that organizations took a holistic perspective beyond just the software. He became a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt while leading a Lean-Agile practice for six years, and was a successful entrepreneur helping to lead the consultancy LitheSpeed for fifteen years following. Now he has formed the company Adaptagility LLC and is working in concert with Grow-Lean LLC. Today, Arlen works across every industry and enjoys a reputation as a thought leader and a dynamic, entertaining, and practical trainer and presenter. He has trained and mentored thousands of ScrumMasters, Product Owners, team members, and executives. Arlen wrote the book “HR and the Agile Organization” to describe how human resources departments can adapt to better support organizations that are trying to become more adaptive while improving employee engagement and retention along the way.