Agile + DevOps West 2022 Concurrent Session : The Magic of Digital Transformation from non-Agile to Agile, within a few years at IKEA


Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 10:30am to 11:30am

The Magic of Digital Transformation from non-Agile to Agile, within a few years at IKEA

The world is moving more and more towards digitalization, therefore if a company see the need to go against its competitors and perform better, it needs to foresee the future. Ikea needed a significant change, which leads towards lots of challenges to take this step. We needed a digital transformation, and we adopted to the Agile methodologies and practices. As a result, we maximized engineering teams’ efficiency within a few years. Therefore, we enhanced our performance and delivery and better customer experience. Education, learning and practicing the Agile mindset were the starting point in this process. Integrating CI/CD and Agile methodology in every Engineering team and accepting changes and reflecting on these changes continuously in every sprint. Hear how Ikea used a few main agile practices, implemented continuous integrations, and DevOps with examples from one of the most successful engineering teams in the company. Learn how we transformed to work more efficiently by using these and about the end result of this process.

Ingka group (IKEA)

Asmaa is a Software Engineer at Ingka Group, a franchise of IKEA, one if the most well known companies in the world, based in Sweden. Asmaa started her distance studies for BSc Creative Computing from the University of London in 2010. She published an academic paper related to Swarm Intelligence while finishing her BSc degree in 2014. She got a scholarship in a master’s degree in Computer Science. She got a job offer as a Performance Test Specialist at IKEA in 2016 but she knew that the sky is the limit so in 2019 she became a Software Engineer. She enjoys traveling, reading books and playing board games.