Agile + DevOps West 2022 Bonus Session : Pull Request Size: The Most Important Indicator of Dev Pipeline Health


Thursday, June 16, 2022 - 7:30am to 8:15am

Pull Request Size: The Most Important Indicator of Dev Pipeline Health

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One of the most important metrics for a healthy, efficient, and most importantly, predictable development team is the size of pull requests (PRs). Also called merge requests by those who use GitLab, PRs are how most teams–at least those that work asynchronously to some degree–move their code through the development pipeline. And the key to moving PRs through the pipeline faster, not to mention delivering more features and more value, is by keeping PRs small.

Join this session to learn more about the importance of PR size and how that metric serves to inform the other metrics that engineering teams and leaders care about most–such as lead time for changes, deployment frequency, and change failure rate. The session will also cover insights that illustrate why small PRs are better and some simple, practical tips that you can use to reduce the size of your PRs. If you’re looking to uplevel your PR game, don’t miss this session!


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Zach Westall is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager with LinearB. Before accepting the mission of helping engineering teams improve, Zach was at F5/NGINX. serving as the bard for their visibility, management, automation, and container stories.
When he's not at work you can usually find him on the slopes, on a disc golf course, reading fantasy literature, or hanging out with his wife, Michelle and their two dogs, Jax and Artoo.