Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: Matt Van Vleet

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Matt Van Vleet

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Van Vleet is an innovator with 25+ years of experience in the technology space and who brings a unique blend of technical ingenuity and business entrepreneurship to everything he does. After cutting his teeth as a consultant for six years, Matt went on to become the CTO of Solstice Software and eventually the Founder and COO of Pillar Technology. As the COO, he was able to help Pillar scale by more than 30%/year and was instrumental in their VC capital raise and eventual merger into industry X.O.—an emerging organization within Accenture Digital. In 2020, Matt founded his own company, MVSquared, LLC—where he also serves as the Chief Ingenuity Officer—so that he could focus on his core skills of launching and building companies. As the Chief Technology Officer at LeadingAgile, Matt is responsible for expanding our Studios offering and will initially focus on Technology Transformation.