Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: Mariya Breyter

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Mariya Breyter

Sr. Vice President, Product Delivery
Goldman Sachs
Mariya Breyter

Mariya Breyter is a business and IT executive with a passion for leading enterprise-level agile adoptions and culture changes. As an Agile Delivery Leader for Goldman Sachs consumer business, Mariya led a team of Agile practitioners in building the first consumer business at the firm, with a goal of helping people live financially healthy lives. She is a passionate agilist and lean thinker, and her web site,, is popular within the agile community. Mariya has a combined BA /MA degree in Linguistics and Computer Science and Ph.D. in Computer Linguistics, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Her passion is lean mindset and building high-performance teams and organizations. At home, Mariya is using lean principles to organize her family activities, and her kids use Kanban to collaborate on their daily tasks.