Agile + DevOps West 2021 Industry Presentation : Agility by Observability

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Agility by Observability

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The constant market fluctuation of today’s business environment spells constantly shifting business requirements and focus. In order to stay on top of those changes, software engineering and operations management introduced Agile methodologies to provide rapid feedback cycles and the chance to innovate while keeping up with changing requirements. While business requirements are relatively easy to take into consideration, system requirements and architectural complexity is not.

Enterprise Observability tools can shed light on components of a system that need to be optimized, extended, or scaled, to keep up with requirements, before end users are impacted. Combined with Agile methodologies to keep on top of technical baggage and stay swift when iterating at rapid speeds, the insight provided by Enterprise Observability can be invaluable. Better Enterprise Observability ultimately benefits the whole stack of an organization from developers, Dev/ITOps, to management and end users. This session will examine the relationship between Agility and Observability and how Agility can be increased with superior Observability. Sharpen your Agility by Observability.
Chris Engelbert

Christoph Engelbert


Christoph Engelbert is an open source enthusiast and always interested in “Java Next”. In his spare time, he struggles with performance, optimizations, JVM internals or the garbage collector, whereby he is also available to answer questions on these topics as a freelance consultant. He also firmly believes in Polyglot and is familiar with Java, Kotlin, Go, TypeScript and other languages.