Agile + DevOps West 2021 Concurrent Session : Remote Onboarding: How to Make the Most of It

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Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Remote Onboarding: How to Make the Most of It

A lot of companies struggle with onboarding remotely. It often happens because of the lack the face to face interactions, communication challenges and difficulties tracking the process and therefore, reveal the potential of the new employees. Moreover, it often leads to overall drop in team performance. Therefore, I'd like to share the recipe of how to iteratively set up the efficient remote on boarding and adaptation period for the agile teams. Among our key success factors we had: cross-teams patterns development, adaptation plan with all team members involvement, challenging people while keeping them in 100% safe zone, business focus and extremely successful culture adaptation according to lean principles. As a result of such a smooth onboarding, for example, a junior newcomer succeeded in launching their own community of practice at the third week of work, and another ones managed a totally new knowledge area at the first month and even led workshops company-wide. Nevertheless, we also learned from pretty interesting mistakes I hope to share and therefore, avoid repeating.


Yulia Pieskova is a ScrumMaster at SimCorp with over 7 years of experience in IT. She started in sales and marketing and then received a Master's Degree in management and coaching. At scoutbee she evolved from ScrumMaster to Agile Coach, introducing scrum to a team of 3 people to then supporting the development of the scaling framework based on Spotifty model and LeSS. She is also a mentor, coach, and specialist in leading distributed international teams. Yulia co-organized and ran English courses to teach foreigners Ukrainian for free.