Agile + DevOps West 2021 Concurrent Session : The Importance of a QMO in World-Class Agile Teams

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

The Importance of a QMO in World-Class Agile Teams

In today’s competitive environment, being the first to market is critical. But what happens when there’s a heavy focus on building teams and role changes that you place quality aspects of your transformation on the back burner. Your move to agility may run into impediments if you haven’t engaged quality from the beginning, or worse, they rush unfinished or buggy products to market. In our one hour discussion, we’ll talk about how organizations use an Agile Mindset and approach to transition from traditional ways of thinking to include a QMO when delivering quality products and solutions incrementally. We will explore the journey an organization takes for their quality approach to go from being ad hoc and manual oriented to an automated continuous learning approach.


Sr. Director Digital Marketing & Innovation Michael Faulise is an Executive Leader who focus includes Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Innovation & Solutions. Michael has over 20 years in Consulting Services with his focus on Marketing/Sales & Client Business Development. Including working with the Allianz, NASDAQ, Amazon, United Heath, Boeing, Microsoft, HBO, and several other Fortune 500 clients. Michael has specialized in partnering with clients by creating innovative Quality Solutions through consulting services. This has included BCforward’s unique LakeShore & Technology solutions to create competitive offerings for clients producing lower costs and higher product velocity. Michael has spoken at several national conferences including Quest, Starwest, StarEast, WEDI, SQE Agile Development, IIST and the STPCON conferences. 20+ years in IT Consulting Services roles Currently focusing on Digital Marketing Vast experience in business developement around Quality Implementations Innovative solutions including tap|Lakeshore Thought Leadership at several Industry Leading Conferences