Agile + DevOps West 2021 Concurrent Session : Even Large Enterprises Need to be Agile

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 1:15pm to 2:15pm

Even Large Enterprises Need to be Agile

To survive in this digital age of speed, agility, and customer-centricity, large enterprises must focus their efforts towards the delivery of the highest customer value within the shortest amount of time. Large enterprises are forced to operate like start-up companies. The only way to sustainably achieve this is through a Digital Transformation that drives Business Agility. But how can an organization embark on such a transformation? What would it take to transform the embedded practices: legacy applications, inefficient processes, traditional culture? How do we even begin? This presentation will provide actual use cases on how a 140-year old oil and gas company has been transformed to a operate like a start-up company powered by self-organizing agile teams. Provide the essential elements that drives success. It is not enough to have tools, techniques, and methods that facilitate the transformation. Mindset shift and leadership support are fundamental elements that support the agile change agents to overcome the resistance and challenges that comes with a Digital Transformation journey. Learning objectives:
• Insights to a real-life business case on digital transformation to attain business agility
• Understand the challenges and approaches to drive change within large enterprises
• Identify tools and techniques to transform teams into long-lasting DevOps teams using a sustainable framework

Chevron Corporation

Rochelle Tan is a seasoned Digital Consultant and Agile Coach. She has been a key driving force behind the Digital Transformation initiative within Chevron Corporation. Drawing from 20 years of experience as a Solution Train Engineer, Innovator, Agile Coach, and Digital Consultant, Rochelle successfully spearheaded the Digital Incubation program within Chevron’s Cloud Acceleration initiative. This resulted to the deployment of 15+ high value MVP’s and establishment of high performing and sustainable agile teams within the first year of operation.  She has broad experience in multiple industries across Asia and North America. She draws her best work when faced with complex initiatives and organizations.