Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: Panel—Emily Clark, Jennifer O'Neill, Alicia McLain, & Elizabeth Burgess

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Panel—Emily Clark, Jennifer O'Neill, Alicia McLain, & Elizabeth Burgess

  • Emily Clark is a Principal Consultant and Agile Coach in Capco Digital based out of New York. Emily has over 13 years of experience in the Insurance Industry across various Agile CoE, Actuarial and Finance Roles. Emily is a seasoned agile trainer and facilitator and has a track record of helping teams deliver valuable outcomes early and often.
  • Jennifer O’Neill is a driven and passionate leader who is obsessed with helping companies embrace organizational agility. She guides people, teams, and organizations in their journey to becoming agile, helping them to shift the way they think and the way they work so they can focus on delivering value through a collaborative, engaging and dynamic environment.
  • Alicia McLain is a professional coach who work with organizational leaders to build cultures of accountability & greater agility. She does this by connecting people, teams and organizations to their vision for agility. Alicia connect individuals to teams, teams to organizations, and organizations to their mission, vision and positive core. She has a sense about organizational systems and how people relate and thrive in them.
  • Elizabeth Burgess is from n Ops Analyst at Credit Suisse, IRA Account Specialist at First Citizens Bank, and to a Project Manager at Markit on Demand, before becoming a Scrum Master at IHS Markit. I continued my growth at Alteryx as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach before joining Simple Energy. When Simple Energy became Uplight, I took the opportunity to lead our Agile Practice across the Organization.