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Derek Ashmore
Principal Cloud Architect
Asperitas Consulting

Derek Ashmore is a senior technology expert with over thirty years of experience in a wide variety of technologies and industries. Derek is currently a principal cloud architect at Asperitas Consulting. Derek is currently focusing on microservice architectures, cloud computing, and migrating applications to the cloud. Derek's approach allows companies...Read more

Pavel Azaletskiy
EPAM Systems

Pavel Azaletskiy is a technology leader with 15+ years of tenure in the software engineering industry; delivered many business-critical software solutions for the top companies across the following realms ISV, Finance, Telecom, Pharma, and BioTech. For the last four years, Pavel has been leading a consulting group and a center...Read more

Tricia Bailey
TSavvy Consulting

Tricia Bailey is a transformational leader who brings cross-industry experience in governance and business process to scale and accelerate growth. She helps clients make their transformation successful by helping them define and implement a full transformation plan. She leverages concepts from Scaled Agile, Lean, and Six Sigma frameworks to help...Read more

Lee Barnes
Utopia Solutions

Lee Barnes has over twenty-five years of experience in the software quality assurance and testing field. He has successfully implemented test automation and performance testing solutions in hundreds of environments across a wide array of industries. He is a recognized thought leader in his field and speaks regularly at industry...Read more

Adam Bender

Concurrent Sessions

Adam Bender has been a professional software engineer for more than 15 years. In that time, he has worked on a variety of systems including telephony, electrical grid management, and consumer web applications, all while applying well-known agile principles. For the last 7 years, he has been at Google where...Read more

Melissa Benua
Director of Engineering

Melissa Benua has worked in nearly every software development role—dev, test, DevOps, and program management—at companies big and small and somewhere in-between. She's created and run high availability, high-quality services for PlayFab, Bing, Cortana, and Xbox One, and now for mParticle's enormous data platform. Melissa discovered her love of massively-scaled...Read more

Zach Bonaker
Walmart Labs

Concurrent Sessions

Zach Bonaker is a "benevolent trouble-maker" based in San Diego, California, USA and has more than 10 years of experience assisting software organizations with accomplishing their goals through improved working conditions and results. With experience guiding Fortune 500 companies to multi-million dollar startups, Zach emphasizes agile principles, relationships, and systems...Read more

AI Appstore, Inc.

Jennifer Bonine is the CEO of AI Appstore, Inc., and was the first female Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) platform tech CEO. AI Appstore specializes in custom subscription technology bundles, leveraging an intelligent platform using a personalized ‘virtual research assistant’ to enhance corporate growth. The company exceeds expectations of integration, testing, delivery,...Read more

Cory Bryan
Agile Coach
Taiju Consulting LLC

Cory Bryan is a creative enthusiast, agile evangelist, and product nerd. He loves seeing products created that help make everyone involved become more awesome. This is done by working in the trenches and as a coach with organizations to discover ways to maximize customer and business value with both agile...Read more

Technical Manager

Glenn Buckholz leads DevSecOps efforts at Coveros. Using his almost twenty years of industry experience, Glenn brings success to his customers by leveraging advanced automated techniques to drive organizational change. From Chef to Docker to Kubernetes, Glenn has experience implementing technologies across the federal and commercial space to aid in...Read more

Blaine Carter
Developer Advocate for Open Source

Blaine Carter is the Oracle developer advocate for open source. He applies his exploratory eye and tinkering inclinations to the intersection of open source and Oracle Database. He helps database developers improve their workflow using open source tools and promotes the use of open source inside and outside of Oracle....Read more

Jenna Charlton
Coveros, Inc.

Jenna Charlton has been a software tester for nearly a decade. In that time she’s focused on manual testing, taking a particular interest in web accessibility and usability. Jenna’s experience in testing runs the gamut from lone tester on a Scrum team to test lead on an enterprise-level project. Jenna’s...Read more

Greg Cohen
Agile Excellence LLC

Greg Cohen is a 20-year product management veteran that has worked and consulted to venture start-ups and large companies alike, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, data analytics, and medical diagnostics and devices. Through his work, Greg has developed extensive experience in understanding customer needs and collaborating with engineering to create market-driven...Read more

Jamie Cooke
Managing Director
Both Hemispheres LLC

As a program manager and senior solutions consultant, Jamie Cooke has delivered successful solutions for over 130 organizations across 27 industry sectors in Australia, Canada and the United States. She has found creative ways to work around the constraints in hundreds of contracts to achieve rewarding results for all stakeholders....Read more

Bob Crews
Checkpoint Technologies

Bob Crews, CEO and Co-founder of Checkpoint Technologies, is a consultant and trainer with 31 years of IT experience in full life-cycle development and software testing. Bob and his organization provide services and solutions focused on QA with a concentration in functional, performance and security testing. He has assisted organizations...Read more

Alan Crouch
Director of DevSecOps

Alan Crouch is a Managing Consultant with Coveros, Inc., which helps companies build better applications using agile, DevOps, and security best practices. Alan works with C-level and senior management at private companies and federal agencies to transform and adopt a more Agile/DevSecOps practices when building and deploying mission-critical software. He...Read more

Bob Crowley
Senior Software Developer
Stone Coast Fund Services

Bob Crowley is a Senior Software Developer in Portland Maine where he builds solutions in the .Net and Azure ecosystems. He has been writing bugs for over fifteen years, mostly in the financial industry despite (or because?) still not knowing the difference between a debit and a credit. With his...Read more

Jean Dahl

Jean Dahl is a collaborative, outcomes-driven senior executive, author, recognized thought leader, speaker, and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about building adaptive and responsive Modern Lean leaders and enterprises that harness change to achieve greater and greater levels of agility. She regularly consults and advises with her clients, ranging from...Read more

Thomas Desmond
Hunter Industries

Concurrent Sessions

Thomas Desmond is a senior software engineer, having spent the last four years at Hunter Industries as a full-time Mob Programmer. At Hunter Industries all production code must be developed as a mob. There are currently nine mobs working on production software that have successfully released multiple applications ranging from...Read more

Product Rebels

Vidya Dinamani is co-founder for where she exercises her passion for coaching product leaders, product teams and company founders. She has over 18 years of experience specializing in business & technology strategy and product design, development and management. Vidya has held multiple executive roles at leading companies, including senior...Read more

Lee Eason
Executive Director of DevOps
IHS Markit

As the CTO of SoftPro, the number one provider of mortgage title and closing software in the US, Lee Eason is serious about high-performing teams. After finishing his undergraduate program in History Education, Lee pursued a career as a self taught technologist. Over the past 19 years he has enjoyed...Read more

John Eisenschmidt

For 20 years, John Eisenschmidt has coached individuals and teams towards greater agility within corporations, nonprofits, higher education, and the federal government. As an Agile Coach and Program Manager, John has led numerous large and multi-year initiatives, with both co-located and federated teams. John is the co-organizer of the Agile Coaching Exchange...Read more

  • Emily Clark is a Principal Consultant and Agile Coach in Capco Digital based out of New York. Emily has over 13 years of experience in the Insurance Industry across various Agile CoE, Actuarial and Finance Roles. Emily is a seasoned agile trainer and facilitator and has a track record of
  • ...Read more

Darrel Farris is a Solutions Architect at mabl, an intelligent test automation company. Prior to mabl, he spent much of his career working across a variety of roles within product delivery, often focused on aspects of quality and testing. His diverse technical experience and upbeat personality make...Read more

Value Stream Architect

Coaching organizations and seeing them realize they can be Agile and still maintain the necessary structure for compliance. Wendy Flowers has been a PMO director and agile coach which has provided her the insights and understanding the concerns organizations have around moving to a more agile approach, not falling back...Read more

Technical Manager

Bob Foster is a Technical Manager with over 20 years experience as a senior software engineer and team lead. Bob has proven experience in all aspects of software development and delivery (including DevOps, CI/CD, and infrastructure as code). He is a firm believer in the benefits gained by software teams...Read more

Bob Galen
Principal Agile Coach

Bob Galen is an agile practitioner, trainer & coach based in Cary, NC. In this role, he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards Scrum and other agile methodologies and practices. He is a Principal Agile Coach at Vaco Agile, a leading business agility...Read more

Jeff Gallimore

Jeff Gallimore is a Partner and Co-founder at Excella, a 300-ish-person IT consulting firm based in Arlington, VA. Jeff started his career as a developer and DBA then turned to the dark side by going into management. Now he lives vicariously through other engineers and reminisces about the good ol’...Read more

Elizabeth Gattra
World Wide Technology

Liz Gattra is currently the director of Product Ownership at World Wide Technology - Application Services. Prior to this, she held various roles including IT manager, agile coach, scrum master, and agile business analyst. Liz has championed product ownership on multiple internal and client teams. She successfully led the agile...Read more

Jonathan Graham
US Government

Jonathan Graham is a graduate from George Mason University with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and has been working in the development field for over 13 years. Starting off with smaller projects in a waterfall based world, Jonathan quickly became an advocate for agile development after hearing about...Read more

Steven Granese
Vice President, Transform Practice

Steven Granese has been building innovative teams and solutions for his entire nineteen-year career in the technology industry. His expertise lies in transforming organizations to deliver their desired business outcomes by adopting an agile way of working. He holds multiple agile certifications (CSM, CSP, PMI-ACP) and is an avid speaker...Read more

Brittany Greenfield
Wabbi Inc

An MIT MBA and Duke undergrad with more than a decade of experience as a strategy leader for enterprise technology companies, Brittany combined her passions for business process innovation that she gained while at companies such as NetSuite and Kronos with infrastructure technologies, which she got from Cisco and Cybereason,...Read more

DevOps Advocate

Julie Gunderson is a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty, where she has advocated DevOps best methodologies over the last five years. In previous roles, Julie has been responsible for building partnerships with the major clouds, along with advocacy. Julie loves working with people, advocating best practices and all building relationships. Julie...Read more

Guy Herbert

Guy Herbert has worked for over twenty-five years in IT and technology across the telecommunications, finance, pharmaceutical, and software industries, managing risk, compliance, audit, and technical delivery teams. Guy has been thinking of better ways for Atlassian to manage IT risk and compliance since September 2013. Atlassian is an Australian...Read more

Arthur Hicken

Arthur Hicken is an Evagelist for Parasoft and has been involved in automating various practices at Parasoft for over 20 years. He has worked on various projects involving the software development lifecycle, software security, complex web applications, and integration with legacy systems. Arthur Hicken has over 27 years’ experience in...Read more

James Hunter
Program Director, DevOps

Concurrent Sessions

James Hunter is an international author, speaker and DevOps leader within IBM. With a background in software architecture and implementing, large-scale, distributed systems across the finance, public and defense sectors, James now shares his experience for optimizing the development and delivery journey. James is a Fellow of the British Computer...Read more

Jagdish Karira
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp

Jagdish Karira leads an agile and DevOps transformation services practice at one of the leading consulting companies. Jagdish is innovative, result-oriented, and pragmatic, as well as a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant (SPC4), SAFe DevOps Practitioner (SDP 4.6), and ICAgile Practitioner. He has led business and IT transformations for...Read more


Byron Katz has been in love with computers since his father bought the family a Commodore 64. A degreed architect, he found his way back to software development in 2010, and his career has included roles as a quality assurance lead, a full-stack developer, consultant, and sales engineer. Byron has...Read more

Jonathan Kauffman
Senior Consultant
Coveros, Inc.

Jonathan Kauffman works as an agile software development and test consultant at Coveros, a company that helps organizations develop secure software using agile methods. In this role, Jonathan has helped both government and commercial organizations develop and test high-quality applications, and he has gained his experience by working with health...Read more

Chief Evangelist, Author

Eran Kinsbruner is the chief evangelist and author at Perfecto, a Perforce company. He authored two books, The Digital Quality Handbook and Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals. Eran is also a monthly columnist at and The Enterprisers Project. Eran is a software engineering professional with nearly twenty years of...Read more

Marek Kiszkis

Marek Kiszkis has been developing software for the last 10+ years, most recently at Netflix. Some time ago, he used to think that it’s possible to have bug-free software. Now he realizes there are bugs everywhere, you just have to look close enough. He learned to get along with the...Read more

John Krewson
Sketch Development

John Krewson is the founder and President of Sketch Development Services, a software development studio that provides agile and DevOps coaching, counseling and training. Sketch delivers software for its customers using agile principles and practices, which serves as a catalyst to their agile transformations. John has been an active member...Read more

Chief Experience Officer
Delta CX

Debbie Levitt, CXO of Delta CX, has been a CX and UX strategist, designer, and trainer since the 1990s. As a “serial contractor” who lived in the Bay Area for most of this decade, Debbie has influenced interfaces at Sony, Wells Fargo, Constant Contact,, Oracle, and a variety of...Read more

Catherine Louis

Catherine Louis is a Certified Scrum Trainer, independent agile coach, and founder of and Catherine has over twenty years of experience in complex product development. Her focus is on product discovery and delivery using design thinking, agile methods, agile R&D, and managing organizational agile transitions, fostering change to...Read more

Leslie Lowman
Enterprise Scrum Master

After starting her career as a college instructor, Leslie Lowman moved into software development and subsequently found her calling with agile and Scrum. From that point forward, even through more development, she utilized and shared the agile mindset. Eventually, through nothing short of fate, Leslie shifted her career to being...Read more

Juval Lowy
IDesign Inc.

Concurrent Sessions

Juval Lowy is the founder of IDesign and a master software architect. Over the past 20 years, Juval has lead the industry in architecture and project design with some of his ideas such as microservices serving as the foundation of software design and development. Juval has helped countless companies deliver...Read more

Larry Maccherone
Senior Director

Larry Maccherone is an industry-recognized thought leader on lean, agile, analytics, and DevSecOps. He currently leads the DevSecOps transformation at Comcast. Previously, Larry led the insights product line at Rally Software, which enabled better decisions with data, leveraged big data techniques to conduct groundbreaking research, and offered the first-ever agile...Read more

Bernie Maloney
Agile Leadership Coach
Powered by Teams

Bernie Maloney’s career started with a flash and a bang. Literally. His first position was designing devices that protect telephone networks from lightning strikes. A few career pivots later, he had a flash of insight: it was possible to tap into latent potential in every person, every team, and every...Read more

Jonathan Maltz

Jonathan Maltz is a software engineer working at Nuna. He started life as an Android engineer and has found himself moving steadily back the stack until his current role, where he works at the intersection of dev and ops at Nuna to help make high quality accessible to every American....Read more

Aprajita Mathur
Sr. Manager Bioinformatics System Software Engineering
Guardant Health

Aprajita Mathur is a mom, inventor, mentor and international speaker with an engineering background in Bioinformatics. She has more than 15+ years of software testing experience. She has worked on a wide range of products like instrument software, LIMS, integrated solutions and data analysis pipelines which are used in the...Read more

Alyssa Miller
Snyk, Ltd.

Alyssa Miller is a hacker, security evangelist, cyber security professional and public speaker with almost 15 years of experience in the security industry. Her experience includes penetration testing, threat modeling and working with business leaders to build enterprise security programs. She speaks internationally at industry, vendor, and leadership conferences on...Read more

Rich Mills

Richard Mills has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering with a concentration on pragmatic software process and tools. Rich has a specific focus in Agile development methods and is passionate about DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery. As the Solution Architect for DevOps at Coveros, Rich is...Read more

Moshe Milman
Co-Founder & COO

Moshe Milman is the cofounder of Applitools, a cloud service for automated visual testing. As part of his role at Applitools, he helps dozens of companies across the industry implement state-of-the-art test automation suites. Moshe is passionate about software testing and frequently gives talks about it in various conferences around...Read more

Dan Neumann
Sr Agile Coach

Dan Neumann is an Agile Coach at AgileThought and co-owner of The Branch coworking space. In his role as Agile Coach, Dan advises companies on ways to capture value by emphasizing people, interactions, customer collaboration, and responding to change. He has trained and consulted with both national and global companies....Read more

Brendan O'Leary

Brendan has a passion for software development and iterating on processes just as quickly as we iterate on code. He is a zealous advocate for the user experience. Brendan can still remember what his first computer, a Tandy 2000, felt like to use (and break … sorry, Dad). Working...Read more

Gautham Pallapa

Dr. Gautham Pallapa is a Field CTO for Pivotal, where he works with enterprise customers to transform their people, processes, technologies, and culture. He has led several engineering and product teams through IT transformations and has worked with business leaders in various domains on their digital journeys. He is a...Read more

Jeff Payne
CEO and Founder

Jeffery Payne is CEO and founder of Coveros, Inc., a consulting company that helps organizations accelerate delivery using agile methods. Since its inception in 2008, Coveros has become a market leader in agile and DevOps engineering while being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies...Read more

Engineering Manager

Kadri Pirn studied in Tartu University in Estonia for Computer Science. She has worked in several different disciplines including engineering, and project management with a critical chain method. As a certified PMP, kadri still leans heavily on agile principles of leading projects—"better to try things out rather than make too...Read more

Pawel Piwosz
Lead Systems Engineer
EPAM Systems

Concurrent Sessions

Pawel Piwosz has over 20 years as in IT industry professional working for a range of large companies to small startups. Currently, Pawel is working at Epam as Lead Systems Engineer, and helping the organization to grow DevOps practices. He is also leading the DevOps Community Poland and is a...Read more

Mary Poppendieck
Independent Consultant
Poppendieck, LLC

Mary Poppendieck’s first job was programming the #2 Electronic Switching System at Bell Labs in 1967. She has worked on systems that control roll-goods processes, interpret digitized images, and support statistical process control. She spearheaded the implementation of a just-in-time production system and led new product development...Read more

Tom Poppendieck

Concurrent Sessions

Tom Poppendieck has 25 years of experience in computing including eight years of work with object technology. His modeling and mentoring skills are rooted in his experience as a physics professor. His early work was in IT infrastructure, product development, and manufacturing support, and evolved to consulting project assignments in...Read more

Principal Coach & Founder
Agile Play Consulting LLC

Dana Pylayeva is a DevOps culture coach, trainer, international speaker, author of several books and games.. Her games (“Introduction to DevOps with Lego and Chocolate”, “Fear in the Workplace” and others) are all based on stories from the trenches. She draws inspiration from 20+ years of hands-on experience in IT,...Read more


Aaron Rinehart has spent his career solving challenging engineering problems for organizations such as the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Department of Defense (DoD). Rinehart has been a featured speaker at several media outlets and conferences, most notably the National...Read more


Dr. Jeremias Rößler has a PhD in Computer Science fromSaarland University and more than 10 years of experience as a software developer and tester — is the founder and CEO of retest, a German-based-startup that brings AI to test automation. His refreshingly unusual approach to test automation (difference testing)...Read more

Leon Sabarsky
President, Healthy Agile

Leon Sabarsky excels at building high performing software development teams ‎for all types of organizations. He has 20 years of IT experience and has been an Agilist for the past 10 years, primarily in the health care and government sectors. He initiated the first Agile transition at Blue Cross Blue...Read more

Product Rebels

Heather Samarin, co-founder of Product Rebels, has over 17 years of experience in delighting customers through the design, development, and management of customer experiences within both B2B and B2C marketing and product management. She’s held both senior and C-Level roles at start-ups within the social gaming and healthcare markets where...Read more


Adam Sandman was a programmer from the age of 10 and has been working in the IT industry for the past 20 years in areas such as architecture, agile development, testing and project management. Currently Adam is a Director of Technology at Inflectra Corporation, where he is interested in technology,...Read more

VP of Testing Solutions
Test Pros

Concurrent Sessions

Max Saperstone has been working as a Software and Test Engineer for almost fifteen years. He is the Vice President of Testing Solutions at TestPros, where he works as a test strategist and architect. Max's focus is on Test Automation and Continuous Testing, with the goal of having organizations understand...Read more

Danilo Sato

Danilo Sato is a polyglot principal consultant with more than fifteen years of experience as an architect, data engineer, developer, and agile coach. Balancing strategy with execution, Danilo helps clients refine their technology strategy while adopting practices to reduce the time between having an idea, implementing it, and running it...Read more

DJ Schleen
Head of Security Automation
Rally | United Healthcare

DJ is a seasoned DevSecOps advocate and practitioner that provides thought leadership to organizations looking to integrate security into their DevOps practices. He comes from a practitioner background and specializes in architecting DevSecOps pipelines, automating security in DevOps environments, and breaking down organizational silos that inhibit the delivery of...Read more

Craig Sebenik
Independent Consultant

Craig Sebenik has been an SRE at several startups and at LinkedIn. His greatest passion is teaching what he has learned from adventures in SRE/DevOps and cooking. Cooking will have to wait for an open space or hallway track :-) Craig has authored O'Reilly books on SaltStack (SaltStack Essentials) and...Read more

Sanjeev Sharma
Independent Consultant

Sanjeev Sharma is an internationally known DevOps and Cloud Transformation, and Data Modernization thought leader, technology executive, and author. Sanjeev’s industry experience includes tenures as CTO, Technical Executive, and Cloud Architect leader. As an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Sanjeev was recognized at the highest levels of IBM’s core of technical leaders...Read more

Adam Shostack
President and Owner
Shostack & Associates

Adam Shostack is a leading expert on threat modeling, and a consultant, entrepreneur, technologist, author and game designer. He’s a member of the BlackHat Review Board, and helped create the CVE and many other things. He currently helps many organizations improve their security via Shostack & Associates, and advises startups...Read more

Robert Statsinger
Contrast Security

Robert Statsinger has worked in Application Security for the past few years. His prior experience includes Applications Performance Management and its impact on DevOps, Intelligent Device Management, Enterprise Applications Integration, and developer tools and middleware. Robert holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. Robert...Read more

Coveros, Inc.

Tom Stiehm has been developing applications and managing software development teams for over twenty years. As CTO of Coveros, he is responsible for the oversight of all technical projects and integrating new technologies and testing practices into software development projects. Recently, Tom has been focusing on how to incorporate DevSecOps...Read more

Mary Thorn
Vice President of IT Strategy and Transformation
S&P Global Market Intelligence

During her more than 20 years of experience with financial, health care, and SaaS-based products, Mary Thorn has held VP, director, and manager-level positions in various software development organizations. A seasoned leader and coach in agile and testing methodologies, Mary has direct experience building and...Read more

Pierre Vincent
Head of SRE

Originally from a software development background, the rise of DevOps drove Pierre Vincent to become more involved in how systems actually run in the real world and how he could make a difference helping others care about the applications they release to production. Pierre is currently Head of SRE at...Read more

Michael Vizdos is a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) with the Scrum Alliance and delivers consulting, training, and mentoring services internationally. Michael is the creator of and has been in the industry for almost thirty years; he is an early agile pioneer and co-authored a book with Scott Ambler.Read more

Practice Lead

Concurrent Sessions

Troy Walsh is the national quality engineering Practice Lead and DevOps lead for Magenic Technologies. He started his career in the DevOps space as a Release developer, creating custom build, deployment and installation solutions. He later transitioned to consulting where he developed a love for test automation. Troy is a...Read more

Kate Wardin
Senior Engineering Manager
Developer First

Kate Wardin is a currently a Senior Engineering Manager at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, MN. She leads a team of amazing engineers who build front end applications for Supply Chain HQ and Field users. Outside of her day job, she enjoys organizing events that enable young women to develop a...Read more

Kaylee Wichert
US Government

Kaylee Wichert graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Upon graduation she went to work for the Department of the Navy (DoN). Her first project was working with a team of developers that successfully piloted the first Scrum process in...Read more

Dustin Williams
Cardinal Health

Dustin Williams is currently an architect working on commercial technologies with Cardinal Health. Over the past 20 years he has had a variety of roles across many different types of organizations. His first job was with a startup—learning to balance idealistic code with impossible deadlines. Since then, he has had...Read more