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Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 2:15pm to 2:45pm

DevSecOps Summit: AppSec: Grim Reaper or Archangel of Dev?

AppSec has gotten a bad rap as the “no” team, having to bear the bad news of why Development can’t deploy. But it’s not their fault—without effective integration of AppSec into the SDLC, both teams suffer from untimely information, which means AppSec can only deliver bad news, not enable security as a health part of a Development process. With an effective SecDevOps program that includes proactive policy assignment to effectively manage security debt and automate governance, Security shifts from being a blocker to an advisor in decreasing project delivery risk, without sacrificing velocity or agility. Attendees will learn how to identify where they are on the SecDevOps maturity curve, how to move up the curve through their people, processes & tools, and to translate AppSec information into actionable data to improve both security and delivery.

Brittany Greenfield
Wabbi Inc

An MIT MBA and Duke undergrad with more than a decade of experience as a strategy leader for enterprise technology companies, Brittany combined her passions for business process innovation that she gained while at companies such as NetSuite and Kronos with infrastructure technologies, which she got from Cisco and Cybereason, to found Wabbi. Understanding as the functional units increasingly become responsible for the security of their own business, she sees the need to be able to assimilate and simplify the complexity of security into the daily processes of developers.