Agile + DevOps West 2020 Concurrent Session : What UX Designers Can Teach Us about Being Better DevOps Practitioners

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Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

What UX Designers Can Teach Us about Being Better DevOps Practitioners

We often think of UX designers and DevOps practitioners as solving entirely different problems. On the surface, this is true: Designers spend their days generating mock-ups and wireframes, while DevOps teams spend time thinking about code and incident response. Once we look below the surface, though, we find surprising overlap between the worlds of DevOps and design. Jonathan Maltz will explore that overlap and what we can learn when we start to rub some UX design on our DevOps. We’ll start by focusing on design principles such as hierarchy and grouping, and we’ll see how we can apply these ideas to build tools for better incident response. We'll then dig into design methods and see how we can use ideas from user research and user-centered design to find the key problems facing our organization so that we can build impactful tools that deliver value. Lastly, you’ll learn a few approaches for rapid ideation and problem solving so you can think about how to use them to generate solutions for the problems we identified. You'll be equipped with a set of tools to identify the right problems, find solutions to them quickly, and respond effectively when things don't go perfectly.

Jonathan Maltz

Jonathan Maltz is a software engineer working at Nuna. He started life as an Android engineer and has found himself moving steadily back the stack until his current role, where he works at the intersection of dev and ops at Nuna to help make high quality accessible to every American. Jonathan loves building tools that make people happier and help them collaborate more effectively. When Jonathan is not coding, you can find him learning Arabic or cutting a rug at your local swing dance.