Agile + DevOps West 2020 Concurrent Session : Testing like a Scientist

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Testing like a Scientist

Testing should be fun, but it needs to be rigorous with clear results. When someone asks about the tests you ran, don’t worry about if they passed; just worry that you can back up your answers. To this end, consider using the scientific method to drive your testing strategy and plan. The stages of the scientific method align well with activities that testers should be performing: All testers should (and maybe even unwittingly do) follow this basic outline to create, execute, and evaluate their testing. Join Max Saperstone as he walks through these stages, expanding on each one, talking a bit about the scientific side and how it relates to testing, and illuminating the activities that can be drawn from each. Discuss the benefits to following a more rigorous process like the scientific method: improved quality, confidence in what was tested, and assurance that it was tested properly.

Test Pros

Max Saperstone has been working as a Software and Test Engineer for almost fifteen years. He is the Vice President of Testing Solutions at TestPros, where he works as a test strategist and architect. Max's focus is on Test Automation and Continuous Testing, with the goal of having organizations understand their application’s quality as rapidly as possible. He specializes in open source tools, including Selenium, Postman, JMeter, Cucumber, and Chef. He has released several open source testing frameworks in the past, and is currently working on a new one, FAST (Framework for Appium and Selenium Testing). Max can often be found speaking at meetups and conferences about testing, hanging around local brewpubs, or off lost in the woods enjoying nature.