Agile + DevOps West - Conference Speaker: Mathias Eifert

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Mathias Eifert

Lean/Agile Coach and Managing Consultant
Mathias Eifert

Mathias Eifert is a Lean-Agile pragmatist and coach at Excella with twenty years of public and private sector consulting experience. He has helped clients to improve their teams, systems, and products by implementing Lean and Agile concepts in a variety of roles, including as an Agile Coach, Solutions Architect, and Process Improvement Engineer. Mathias helps clients discover the power of shortened feedback loops to manage uncertainty, optimize quality and customer experience, and maximize business value. He is particularly focused on coaching organizations to apply Agile and Lean principles to improve their own practices rather than relying solely on acquired process frameworks. Mathias is a frequent presenter at local user groups and conferences including Agile2017/18, AgileDC, Mile High Agile, Big Apple Scrum Day, Keep Austin Agile, Better Software West, and TriAgile.