Agile + DevOps West 2019 Leadership Summit Session: How to Crush Your Agile Transformation Timelines

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Friday, June 7, 2019 - 8:45am to 9:45am

How to Crush Your Agile Transformation Timelines

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Search the internet for agile transformation roadmaps and you’ll find multiple articles, blogs and experts talk about major agile transformations taking between 3-5 years. Three to five years is too long to transform anything in our rapidly changing world. Once a transformation effort runs over 12 months, it’s in the danger zone. You’ll start hearing the cynics come out of the wood work saying, “We already tried this before and failed.” or “I told you so.” Next your CTO’s position is in danger and the revolving door keeps going around and around. Join Stan Guzik to learn how he transformed S&P Global Patts Product Management, Software Engineering and Data Engineering organizations within six months. Learn how they rapidly educated C-Level executives, restructured their organization, rolled out portfolio management, trained over 400 people and how the whole organization noticed. Now non-technology departments are asking technology to transform their departments!

Stan Guzik
(S&P) Global Platts

Stan Guzik is a global technology executive at S&P Global. He is seasoned at establishing transformational technology strategy and vision to software development, infrastructure, DevOps and leading global teams of more than nine hundred while maintaining hands-on software engineering skills. He pairs executive management with deep software engineering skills to quickly cut through project noise and rapidly produce results where others have struggled. He has extensive experience building SaaS-based businesses that experience healthy growth and is known for results, strong execution, and leading change.