Agile + DevOps West 2019 Industry Presentation : Bringing Modern Incident Management into your DevOps ToolChain

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Bringing Modern Incident Management into your DevOps ToolChain

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IT organizations are in the midst of a significant transformation that is challenging traditional operational models, organizational structures, and alerting tools that are struggling to adapt.  IT applications and infrastructure are so different from the past that new skills are required to manage them. DevOps and ChatOps are suddenly all the rage.

Modern Incident Management practices have typically been firmly on the side of Operations.  How can we bring Dev and Ops closer together while improving visibility and removing roadblocks? Incidents will always happen, but how you handle them is the difference between a mediocre response and a great one.


Rasmus Praestholm


Rasmus Praestholm is a Senior DevOps Architect at Go2Group and co-founder at The Terasology Foundation. Having started in the Hudson days on a path leading to DevOps, Rasmus focuses his work on using Jenkins to automate all kinds of development tasks. Most recently, his work has been applying the concepts of GitOps to various Jenkins-centric operations Outside of work, Rasmus runs a non-profit OSS organization centered around infrastructure and logistics using the same tools when able.