Agile + DevOps West 2019 Concurrent Session : Intro to Design Thinking: Experience Human-Centered Design in Action

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Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Intro to Design Thinking: Experience Human-Centered Design in Action

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Are you curious about design thinking? Hungry to experience it for yourself? Don’t just watch from the sidelines—come give it a try! This is a hands-on, experimental session that will be a fun and engaging experience with design thinking tools. You’ll learn some of the core values of design thinking, including how human-centered design, empathy for the people you are designing for, and feedback from users are fundamental to good design. You'll learn that experimentation and prototyping are not simply a way to validate your idea, but an integral part of your innovation process. Discover how to build with a bias towards doing and making over thinking and meeting. You will learn the value of showing instead of telling—creating experiences, using illustrative visuals, and telling good stories to communicate your vision in a meaningful way. Attendees also will experience the franctic pace of a full design cycle exercise—we challenge participants to go through as many cycles as possible, because iterating solutions many times within a project is key to successful outcomes. Come ready to roll up your sleeves and get creative!

Catherine Louis

Catherine Louis is a Certified Scrum Trainer, independent agile coach, and founder of and Catherine has over twenty years of experience in complex product development. Her focus is on product discovery and delivery using design thinking, agile methods, agile R&D, and managing organizational agile transitions, fostering change to build speed and flexibility in business. Her specialty is accelerating innovation by enabling agile methods. She helps small startups as well as large enterprises to inspect and adapt, to evolve and improve, to deliver the right thing, and to delight their customers.