Agile + DevOps West 2019 Concurrent Session : Fantastic Outcomes and How to Measure Them

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Fantastic Outcomes and How to Measure Them

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Do your metrics track what matters most to your organization, or do they merely quantify your adherence to a process? Is that process a good proxy for real results? In your environment? How do you know? Discover where to look for elusive, real outcomes. Join Cheryl Hammond to learn how to study indicators for your important metrics so you can recognize them when you encounter them in the wild. Understand how to monitor the health and relevance of your outcomes, and commit to the constant care needed to keep them vibrant. You'll take back a renewed appreciation for the beauty of a wild, untamed outcome and how it can motivate and focus your teams.

Cheryl Hammond
Pivotal Labs

Cheryl Hammond, aka @bsktcase, has a couple decades' experience as a software leader in the private and public sectors. She ran her team's successful adoption of Scrumban for a mission-critical regulatory compliance project under multi-agency state and federal government oversight; mentored former COBOL devs into true-believing, unit-testing XP evangelists; and turned a threatened software product at risk of litigation into a lean, revenue-generating flagship offering in nine months, all of which leads her to believe that anything is possible. She is not sorry for her many biases, including strong preferences for servant-style leadership and team-based, holistic problem-solving and a strong aversion to agile zealotry. Whether consulting or in-house, Cheryl endeavors to make life suck less for software delivery organizations and the humans who inhabit them.